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I spent this morning working with a new customer and reviewing a bunch of sites that they really like.  These run the range from Tiffany to Toast and what struck me was not so much the way the sites were designed, but the vocabulary they used. 

One example that I thought was particularly clever was "Save for Later" as compared to the more traditional "Add to Wishlist".   Our client is a high end (but not luxury) retailer.  They know their market.  Their customers 'wish' for nothing.  They might however want to save an item for their next shopping trip or further consideration.

It is this attention to detail that separates a good web site from a great web site, good design from great design, and a good brand experience from a truly great, write home to mom, brand experience.  Know your audience. Think about what and how you want to communicate with them.  Language is powerful and how you say something can affect how people respond to your brand and affect your sales.
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