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Facebook CommerceMuch has been made of late about the decision of some major US retailers to quietly close their Facebook stores and industry watchers have started wandering the Internet, ringing their bells, and calling "Bring out your dead!".

Well I don't buy it.

Having been in the web business since 1995 I have seen a lot of trends come and go and I believe that Facebook will grow to become a solid sales channel for merchants with a decent strategy.  In the early eCommerce gold rush, many traditional retailers had false starts and missteps as they struggled to come to terms with the upheaval of the technology shift.  We are still in the early days for fCommerce.  Think eCommerce in 1998.  I think they will be back once other players have figured out how to do it right.

People Like brands on Facebook because they are looking for deals and special offers so if you want to have a successful storefront on Facebook, give them what they want!  Don't just load up a Facebook version of your existing store.

To meet your Fans insatiable desire for deals, use your Facebook store to highlight clearance or sale items.  Give them a reason to get excited by using a coupon code for fans that gets them the sale price the a few days before the markdowns are available for all of the non-fans.

Appeal to your Fans desire to be "in the know" by launching new products to your Facebook store first so they can get them before they hit the racks in your stores.

Finally, tell your Fans about the store but don't wear them out.  Balance the  promotional messages for your store with community building posts that reinforce your brand values and personality.  If you sell children's products, post links to news about parenting, if you sell housewares, post links about decorating so your Fans get value from your posts.
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