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Once upon a time there was a very old browser that continued to haunt web developers across the globe long after it should have become ancient history...

I still design for IE6 deficiencies as of this writing. Internet Explorer is the only browser that I have to check three different versions when I am coding and cutting up a new site.  One of it's limitations that was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with was it's non-support of the transparency in a png file. gifs just no longer cut it when compared with the quality that can be achieved in a png and so a solution needed to be found.

Thanks to one of our amazing developers all SiteCM sites now come with a png 'fix' for IE6 that makes them display just as they would in a modern browser. All you as a reseller need to do is to add 'class="png" ' to the image tag and this single line of code to the head tag. PNGs in your css will inherit the fix but default.

<!--––if lte IE 6--> <!--  .png { behavior: url(/images/; }  --> <!--endif––-->

And viola!

a png with transparent background in IE6

turns to this....
Same site in IE6 with png fix applied
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media designer
Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 3:28PM
Beautifulness! Thanks Krystal!

[And voila!]
Unfortunately, I hear no 'viola' when I do this...

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