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I have been working on an RFP response with 3 Degrees West for a prospect in Toronto and the question came up about the size of their site.  Our licensing is based on a number of things, one of which is total number of pages.  The size of the site generally has a direct correlation to the support costs which is included in our licensing for SiteCM. 

Like many site owners they have no idea and took a wild guess.  When I checked by doing a quick search on Google for "" the count it returned was double what the site owner had estimated.

This is incredibly common.  Most site owners with more than about 50 pages have no idea how big their sites are.  In some cases, all of that content is relevant but in most instances, a significant portion is out of date and could represent a liability.  It doesn't do your image any favours when you are still promoting a conference from 2007!  We have also seen sites with obviously conflicting information.  A site that is too big is as bad as one that is too small.

Just because you CAN add that content to your site easily doesn't mean you SHOULD and it definitely does not mean that it should stay there forever.  Don't lose track of your content and invest a few hours a year to go through it looking at aged content.  When creating content think about the life expectancy of that information.  If it has a short life expectency, set the page to expire.  You can view expired content from the SiteCM manager and update the pages or delete them at your leisure.
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