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"Hello... I've tried to call your support lines which told me that I'm not calling within business hours and the system hung up on me (I called at 2PM EST). I have also tried your "Online Assisted Support" and after filling in all of the information I received a web error that told me to try later... I filled in the form on Thursday of last week too with the same results... Are you having some technical difficulties or do you just not want to support your products?"

That was the message a friend of mine posted to the Facebook page of a company yesterday. She is looking for support on piece of professional recording equipment worth about $1500 and it is a critical piece of her studio. Without it, she is pretty much dead in the water. A day later she got a response through Facebook and she provided more details about her problem.
"I couldn't find a Canadian support number or any other support number for that matter because the link on your website that was supposed to give a list of contact numbers for each country just takes me to a list of suppliers."

How do I know this? The initial post yesterday, the company follow up today, and her response all showed up in my Facebook feed. I didn't ask to see it, but I did.

In the end she got support (I think) but it illustrates a few things about social media, customer service and content management.

  1. Social Media magnifies the LOVE and the UN-LOVE. Be ready for both.

  2. Monitor Social Channels. The sooner you respond the better. If you are not monitoring your social media channels, customer frustration grows and you miss opportunities to wow your customers.

  3. Test the technology! She tried filling out the form twice. She waited as instructed and then when she tried again, she got frustrated and went public (your Facebook page is public). The issue could have been with the form handler on the server, or it could have been a browser issue or it could have been solar flares. Who knows? But if your contact forms are not working, you should know before your customers do.

  4. Test your content! Think like a user or better yet, test with real users! She tried to get a tech support number but the link went to a page of dealers. That is frustrating. You need to make sure that your path to problem resolution is smooth.

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