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Today I checked out two January launches from, the original SiteCM Reseller.  Dana has been a colleague for over 10 years (before we even thought about SiteCM!) and probably has 50+ customers using SiteCM CMS now.  It is always great to see what she is up to.

Both sites are for companies that will help you get more out of yourself, your staff and your business.  Given the state of the current economy, coaching and leadership development is more relvant today than it has been in many years.  has a couple of interesting team building workshops.  I am a big believer in team work and can feel the momentum we get when the team is working well together. the site for Fred Schafer has the great tag line "Striking back at mediocrity" which he does through staff workshops and keynote presentations. 

As SiteCM CMS gets more users and Resellers I always find it interesting to see who is using the sytem now.  I miss the days when I knew every customer personally so I try to make time to check out all the sites we launch.  2009 is going to be a challenging year for many companies so it is great to see dynamic organizations like this helping to make a difference
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