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Social sharing has soared over the  past couple years and if you haven't already joining Twitter can add a valuable boost to your customer base.
A few Twitter tips to get you started

  1.  Join – pick your social name wisely and don’t forget to upload your brand image

  2. Start building your network – Listen before you join in a conversation. Check the “Who to Follow” link or use the search box to find people.

  3. Start Tweeting – Type your message and send it to your followers. Make sure your post offers something – information, a product/service discount that drives people to your web site. Be conversational and interesting.

  4. Twitter Lingo:

    • @username - a tweet (or Reply) that begins with @username is sent to that specific Twitter user and don't appear in your subscribers feeds.
      Replies to you can be viewed on your homepage in the right sidebar by clicking the @yourusername under Home.

    • check out this from @username - a tweet that contains @username would be a Mention. Mentions do appear in your subscriber feeds and can increase your traffic when you are talking about popular tweeters.

    • RT @username - this is a ReTweet. This is a tweet where you essentially re-post verbatim another users tweet. This gives the original poster credit for their tweet and lets them know when they are reviewing their replies that you shared their tweet, which is something most users appreciate.
      It’s a great way to build good relationships with your followers and gain more followers when your posts are retweeted.

    • #hashtag - these are where the real power of twitter and trending come in. By tagging your tweets Followers and non-followers can find your update using the Twitter search box on the Twitter homepage, or using Trending Topics searches.
      You can find more popular #hashtags at

  5. Recruit followers – Let people know you are on Twitter (web site, email signature, Newsletter footer, business cards)

Tweet informative content, tweet regularly and follow people that will help your business grow. They will hopefully follow you. Get involved in the conversations and always reply to those who mention you!
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