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This is a must read for content owners, beginner and seasoned designers alike.

Talk to any web surfer, or look at any website on the web, and you can easily agree that the presentation of text can easily make a beautiful design, or break the aesthetic. Nothing is worse for designers than seeing your beautifully typeset page turn into a minefield of *gasp* highlighter coloured text, random font size, and no visual hierarchy.  No matter how great your colour scheme, functionality, features, content, or photography is - if the typographic presentation is poor then chances are the site is something of an ordeal for your visitors to read, understand, and still think that it is credible.

When your customer, or "end-user" is visiting site essentially what they are looking for is information. More often than not that information is text - and a hard to read site equals a site that doesn't get read or visited, making your trusty Google Analytic stats dismal at best. I encourage you to take a quick look through the following free resources I have passed upon and just had to share.

Meet your Type is a beautifully displayed presentation that is easy to read with lots of visuals that even a typography amateur can understand. I hope this becomes an invaluable resource to you as you venture into maintaining your beautiful SiteCM websites.Meet Your Type

My tip that wasn't included in here: If your reader notices your type (i'm talking bulk text like paragraphs) then your type isn't doing its job because more often than not they notice its flaws and how illegible or unreadable it is. You should see your text like a ghost, meant to be read and not "seen". And yes, i'm talking about all those infamous instances of ghastly florescent pinks and faux bold italics. Can you say cringe!?
Coming up next: We talk about beautiful typography on the web and and updated tutorial on custom fonts for the web.
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