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Facebook is at it again this time rolling out a change for the consumer pages. All in all this is a good thing for those of us using a Facebook page to promote our business. Facebook has given users the ability to preview their pages until March 30th when they will all be converted to the new layout. This gives you a chance to play around with your page and get it looking top notch before it is unveiled to the world wide web.

Most noteably different is the addition of a large banner to the top of your page. Gone are the tiny thumbnails of the pictures you uploaded and the left hand tall profile picture many of us designers had so much fun with. These have been replaced by a 851px x 316px banner image where you can essentially display how awesome your business is.

Over layed on top of this banner is a thumbnail that is your profile picture. Your page name, the description of who you are and what you do is displayed below this in a prominent location. How novel! A message button(hooray!!) and controls for promotions also in an easy to find location.

You'll also notice that instead of tiny icons for your page applications these have been replaced with a 111px x 74px thumbnail you can customize to your own needs.  Photos are always first but beyond that you have full control over which three or four icons appear first.

Wall posts follow the format of the timeline profile that was rolled out a few months back. Users already using this profile will find this layout familiar and for those of you who aren't the timeline displays your wall posts along a timeline similar to the ones you may have made in social studies.

Pictures are more prominently displayed and your content area for those fancy custom pages you worked so hard to create? Yup it's bigger. 810px to be exact, no sidebars, just your content. You can keep your old designs which will be nicely centered in their new wider space or rollout a new one right along with Facebook.

For our clients that are using the SiteCM app, your transition will be seamless and no need to fear that your page will suddenly no longer work. It will. Though if your original design was fixed width it will not fill it's new content area without some retweaking. If that interests you contact us today and we'd be happy to help you out.
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