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When a customer makes a purchase, your relationship has just started. How you follow up with your shoppers can make the difference between a simple transaction that helps you today, and a long term relationship that will help you for years to come. Drip marketing is the key.

What is a drip marketing campaign?

Drip marketing is a strategy that sends, or "drips," a set of email messages to customers or prospects over time. The messages are usually scheduled and targeted based on a customer or prospects behaviour or status.

The first question our Canadian customers ask is, “is this legal”? According to CASL and their rules around implied consent, the answer is clearly yes.  Implied consent is given by “the purchase or lease of a product, goods, a service, land or an interest or right in land, within the two-year period immediately before the day on which the message was sent

So for customers, people who have made a purchase, you are well within your rights to drip market them until they unsubscribe.

The Beauty of Automated Drip Email Campaigns

Setting up drip campaigns can take a lot of work but it really is the gift that keeps on giving.  You don't need to setup drip campaigns for every item in your catalog but investing a few hours a week and working through your top products you can start generating hundreds of customer touches a week with no additional effort. 

Typical Drip Campaigns

The best drip email campaign for your business will depend on your products and model but the following are a few ideas to get you started.

Welcome Campaign

One of the most important drip marketing campaigns is your Welcome Campaign for new registered shoppers. We covered that when we added the registration trigger to Message Center so you can read about it here.

Product Knowledge Campaign

Not all products are easy to use and sometimes your customers need tips on how to get the most from their purchase. A product that gets shoved to the back of the closet is not something that your customers are going to brag about to their friends. A perfect drip campaign for a kitchen appliance is one that provides recipes with increasing levels of complexity to get them started and to keep them enthusiastic. Product care tips are good reminders too. If you sell running shoes, you can provide exercise plans. With CommerceCM you can set a drip campaign for people who have purchased a specific product so a single purchase could generate a significant series of automated marketing messages..

Accessories Campaign

This is the classic recommendation campaign based on purchase behaviour. You want your customers to come back so create a campaign around related items to complete the look, consumables, add ons or other related products.


The shopper has already made a purchase but you need to get them engaged so they help spread word of mouth and come back more than once.  Encourage them to review the product to help other users, post on social media and tag your brand, and follow on Social Media so they are the first to hear about deals, new products, or product use ideas.

.. and don't forget!

The web gives you so much data you owe it to yourself to pay attention to it!

  • Keep an eye on your open rates and experiment with your subject lines and/or offers
  • Tag your campaign links with CommerceCM Ref-Id's or Google Tags to track click throughs and conversion rates to learn what is working.

A drip campaign setup today will start to pay off tomorrow so get started!

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