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I hear this question a lot from all sorts of merchants and my response is an emphatic YES!

Mobile is part of a good omni-channel strategy and the impact can't be measured in actual transactions alone.  Showrooming is a new reality and isn't going away.  It is going to have a huge impact on holiday sales this year and the winners will be the merchants who already have a good mobile strategy in place.  Can customers easily browse your site to check your prices?  Can they see your inventory and store locations?  Can they read reviews?  All of these functions help you win the sale whether it takes place on the shoppers phone that instant, at home from a computer that evening, or in your closest store later that day.

If you don't believe your customers are going mobile, take a look at your Google Analytics.  You can view Mobile statistics under Audiences and easily compare to the same period last year.

One CommerceCM merchant had overall traffic grow 55% year over year but saw a 200% increase in mobile traffic. Mobile shoppers are now more than 25% of their total visitors.  Even if we take out iPad shoppers (who can easily shop a normal eCommerce site) we are still left with over 10% of their site visitors who are browsing on their smartphones.

What are you waiting for?  The time for mobile eCommerce is now!
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