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A well planned web site can help your non-profit tell your story, engage donors, and raise more money to help achieve your goals.  The easier it is for visitors to know about you and what you do the more likely they will donate.

Here are a few ideas to turn your website visitors into donors that are all manageable with SiteCM.

  1. Build trust and connect with donors through stories.  Your donors have lots of options of charities to support.  Why should they choose yours?  Donors, particularly the all important NEW donors want to know how their money is going to be used. How is your content structured?  Do you answer questions, provide testimonials, recognize donors and tell a compelling story to present a persuasive case?
  2. Have a clear prompt or call to action that directs visitors to donate.   Make it easy for visitors to see your donate button. With SiteCM you can easily test all your content location with content blocks. Move them around from time to time and see what works best.  
  3. List upcoming events with SiteCM’s calendar component. Colour coding makes it easy for visitors to find specific events.
  4. Recap past events with pictures using the Photo Gallery.
  5. Make the donation process as simple as possible. On the donation only ask for information that is specific to the donation transaction. Keep the form short. SiteCM has options for secure donations.
  6. Include your newsletter sign up prominently on your homepage. Getting email addresses from new visitors is a major objective for most non-profit sites. With SiteCM’s newsletter component you have all the tools and graphics from your web site at your fingertips to keep your donors up to date. Send your newsletter directly to your donor list from your SiteCM manager.
  7.  Leverage your social media and social sharing. Your Facebook page will have great information about your mission. While visitors are engaging with you ask for their support and encourage them to like and share your Facebook page. Your social media feeds can easily be embedded on your SiteCM web site.
  8.  Don’t forget to integrate your offline campaigns. Even a single sentence about new information available on the web site will encourage offline donors to go to your site. Use a special URL so you can track conversion success for each campaign. 

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