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Message Centre is a powerful marketing automation system that is fully integrated into CommerceCM allowing e-commerce merchants to send one or more messages to shoppers and customers based on specific behaviours and criteria.  The most recent release includes a new message trigger and some updates. 

As of build 45.2017.1.0 merchants can setup a series of Welcome emails based on a new shopper registration.  The registration could be part of a purchase (which is a trigger already) or could be as part of a contest or newsletter subscription.  Like all triggers, merchants can set a delay and create a message or series of messages to go out such as an initial "Thanks for Registering" message sent right away, and a coupon code sent a week later.

According to a recent study by Iterable, 87% of the Top 100 retailers send Welcome campaigns of at least 1 message with many sending multiple messages.  Each message serves to remind their users about their brand and keeps the store top of mind.    

What should your Welcome Campaign be?

All of your messages should support and enhance your brand.  Keep a friendly tone and promote the benefits less than the sale or your goals.    Here are some ideas used by other leading merchants.

  1. Discount:  According to the same study, only 26% of the top 100 e-commerce sites use a discount as part of their Welcome campaign.  The most common is a % discount.  If you go this route, we recommend  using a coupon code with a set expiry date and make sure it is only available to registered customers.  This is easy to setup in the CommerceCM Promotions Manager.
  2. Social:  We all want more engagement with our followers so encourage them to follow your Blog,  Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else you are active.  
  3. Benefits & Trust:  Remind users about incentives like your free shipping level, easy returns and other points of differentiation.  Even if they are not that different from your competitors, you might be the only one telling them.
  4. Story: Tell your brand story.  This helps to differentiate your business from your competitors and can boost loyalty.

And one more thing..

This build also includes the ability to segment any of your messages based on the shoppers currency and country improving localization and increasing conversions.

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