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MIO Global Store Locator I let Chrome share my location with the web site and it shows me the route to the closest dealer of the MIO Alpha and MIO Link.

While e-commerce continues to grow, the majority of transactions still take place in stores so you need to get those shoppers across the threshold to make the sale.   If you only have a handful of locations, a simple  page listing locations works great, but what if you are a manufacturer with hundreds of dealers?  The most frequent use of a mobile web site is for people to look up the location of a store so you need it to be easy to use with thumbs while they are on the move.

We tackled this challenge for two manufacturers recently and we took advantage of Google Maps, location aware browsers, and smartphone GPS to make the look-up process easier.  Not everyone has their browser sharing their location data, but if they are, we can detect where they are, where the closest location is, and show them the route to get there.  We can even give them directions!

RC Pets Locator On my smartphone, it shows where I am and the path to the closest retailer.

Naturally people can still type in their postal code or City (just like the old days!) just in case they are at work and want to find the location closest to home, or to handle poor location identification, but over all the results are fantastic.


Check out MioGlobal  and RC Pets from your smart phone!


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