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Getting reviews from your customers is hard work but it is worth the effort. Reviews can have a big impact on getting traffic, building trust, and getting conversions. Reviews are the gift that keep on giving but let's be honest, very few customers are going to bother.


"Have you asked?" This is my first question whenever a merchant wonders why they are not getting reviews. More often that not they are not asking. A simple ask is a great starting point.

  • Ask on the order confirmation email. Too soon?  Maybe, but it plants a seed and gets them thinking about it.
  • Ask on the order shipping/tracking email. Again, maybe it is too soon but getting that email is pretty exciting (especially if they get it quickly) and it nurtures the seed you planted earlier.
  • Ask on the packing slip. It will be the first thing they see when they open the box.
  • Ask 2 weeks after shipping.  Two weeks might be a little too long to wait but the point is that merchants should always follow up with a drip campaign after the order is shipped.  CommerceCM's Message Center let's you configure emails based on the trigger of shipping status so these messages should be going out daily.


You need to motivate your shoppers to take the time to return to your site and make a review. If your shoppers are over the moon ecstatic or if they are angry and disappointed they will invest the time, but how do you get the missing middle?

  • Ask them to help you. "We want to know that you are happy with your purchase and we want to make sure that we only sell the best products. Please take a moment to let us know what you think of your purchase."
  • Ask them to help their community/other shoppers. "Other shoppers are looking at the same product. Should they buy it? Tell them what you think"
  • Provide an incentive. This can be controversial but it can help to generate more reviews with more balance. Coupons or prize draws are both effective and have a big impact on getting people to spend the time.

What about the bad reviews?

This happens to even the most conscientious merchant.  Someone has a poor experience and takes it out on you online. The gut reaction of most merchants is to bury them and CommerceCM does allow merchants to approve reviews and you do not have to post bad reviews if you don't want to. The occasional bad review though is not the end of the world.  Yes, it can bring down your review average but it also builds trust.  Posting a bad review with a public response to show that you are dealing with it shows that you care about the feedback you get and will work to protect your reputation.  "I am so sorry you were not 100% satisfied with your purchase.  Please call or email customer service so we can resolve this."

How they help

Reviews drive traffic by showing up in search results like this example from our client Daniadown. 

They also build trust on your site by showing engagement and (depending on configuration) the location of your customers.


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