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I am often asked “What does it take to start up a blog?” From a technical standpoint we need a bit of tech time to get the domain set up on the servers. From a design standpoint we need a few hours of time for design. And that’s about it.

The heavy lifting or what it really takes to set up a blog, a good blog, is on the shoulders of the blogger. There are many instances of blogs being started with the best of intentions but the blogger soon found out how much work it was to keep it going. On a regular basis, daily, weekly, you decide on the frequency, you need to come up with an entry to your blog that will interest your readers.

So, based on my observations, I suggest that before you launch your blog brainstorm a bunch of subjects; 30, 40 or even 50 ideas.  That way once you get your momentum started, you’ll be able to maintain your blog even if life got busy or you come down with a dreaded case of writer’s block.
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