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I saw a post on Twitter the other day where someone was wondering why a CMS company would have a blog.  The basic answer is because they are different tools with different purposes.

Our web site has carefully controlled corporate information about the company and products.  It is targeted at business users looking for a great web content management system.  The content on our web site has no attribution to individuals who work at ideaLEVER and is not intended to develop conversations.  Leads yes.  Discussion or comments, no. 

Our blogs are less formal and give all of us the opportunity to post quick comments or tips.  We can use our natural voices and we encourage comments and discussion.  Some of what is mentioned here is elaborated more formally in the SiteCM Help or Reseller material (all powered by SiteCM of course!) but some of this will never leave the blog.  They are comments and insights that we wanted to share and are happy to discuss and engage with our readers.

Yes, there are a whole bunch of people that use a WP blog as a CMS for small web sites and that is great.  The price is right and it is easy to use and if it suits your needs, go for it.  I love our blog.  But it isn`t a CMS.

  • SiteCM can assign editor permissions to individuals and limit them to managing specific pages or even types of content (No, the accountant should not create and upload images!). 

  • SiteCM has tools that allow users to create forms that can submit to the email address(es) of their choice, save to a DB and include attachments.

  • With SiteCM you can easily manage assets such as documents or videos, categorize them, and create easy to update document libraries that can be dropped on any page

  • With a CMS like SiteCM you can view your page history, clone pages, relaunch pages, suspend them, or schedule them for release.

  • Heck, with SiteCM you can even assign ownership of part of a page to a different person than the person that controls the main page, and that section can have its own launch and retirement date

  • You can even have memberships and members can belong to groups each with their own access controls (you can even have permissions on specific resources)

A CMS is a CMS.  A Blog is a Blog.  A business can easily use both and probably should if they have the time and resources
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