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Fall is a busy time with kids heading back to school and retailers ramping up for Christmas.  It is also a great time to take your web site and web marketing off of summer auto-pilot and head back to school to learn what your site visitors are doing and make plans to grow your business.  To be successful online you have to be constantly learning.  We have always been big believers in helping our customers gain the knowledge they need to succeed so here are our tips for going Back to (Web) School.

Google Analytics

This is the first place to start.  Google Analytics collects a crazy amount of data on where your users are coming from and what they are doing on your site.  Review your Key Performance Indicators (you do have KPI's don't you?) and determine what your visitors are most interested in.  Are visitors bouncing?  Are they engaged?  If all that Google Analytics data confuses you, contact us for an initial consultation  and we would be happy to review where you are at and what you should be monitoring.  

Search Engine Optimization

As Google (and other search engines) continue to evolve, what you say on your web site and how you say it is becoming much more important. Google's knowledge graph and local search also help to increase your visibility when it matters the most.  We have a great SEO Starter Kit to point you in the right direction.

Pay Per Click Marketing

You don't have to use PPC marketing.  You can always use the phone book. Back in the old days PPC was simple and much like the old Yellow Pages you could set up a few keywords and just let it run.  That approach doesn't cut it anymore and can be a huge waste of money.  Make sure your ads are targeted to the right prospects at the right time of day using the the right copy and you will get better results for less cost.  We are happy to do a free initial PPC consultation on an existing program or help you understand your opportunities.

Social Media

Back to school is a great time to make new friends.  How is your social media?   You don't need to be the most popular person in the playground but everyone needs a core group of friends.  It is important to engage and grow your audience where it matters and we can help get you started and plan your social media strategy.

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