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Retailers can take heart that they are not alone when it comes to adapting to the explosion of mobile eCommerce.  Google announced it's quarterly results this week and missed analyst expectations, resulting in a sharp drop in their stock price.  Much of the slump is being blamed on the rapidly changing market as more people are switching to mobile devices and smartphones for their web browsing.  The same thing is happening at Facebook, and both Microsoft and chip vendors have seen revenue collapse as the consumers adopt new forms of communication and computing.

One only has to look at the explosion in sales and projections for shipments of smartphones, phablets, tablets, and the new iPad mini to realize that the new Internet will be mobile.  Retailers and online merchants need to get a mobile eCommerce solution fast to avoid the disappointing results suffered by organizations that you would think should know better.

Most sites don't need a lot of changes to handle a full size tablet.  Small tweaks can make links and buttons a bit easier to manage with thumbs, but by and large, on the sites we have done, conversion rates on tablets are on par with conversion on traditional computers.  The big challenge is creating an easy and fast mobile eCommerce solution for smartphone users.

For we rolled out an adaptive mobile eCommerce site powered by CommerceCM in the summer of 2012.  The need was obvious as smartphone traffic had taken a significant jump and conversion rates were a fraction of users on other devices.  We chose an adaptive mobile eCommerce solution because they had just gone through a redesign and their full site includes significant supporting content that helps to establish Fitness Town as Fitness Experts.  The adaptive site focuses on shopping and contact information.  Naturally shoppers can click through to see the full site, but all of the sales copy and catalog content is identical to the full site, just displayed more appropriately for handheld devices.  Because it is powered by a single instance of CommerceCM, there is no additional catalog to manage, all sales are recorded in a single location, and any visits generated by social sharing can be served the template most appropriate for the device that is accessing the site.

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