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Purity Feed started November 2021 with a nod to their client’s 4 legged companions with their Purity Pet Profiles. The landing page shows the pets with a few highlights from the profile. From there visitors can click through to see the complete pet profile.

Their pet profile page uses SiteCM’s Directory Component


Here are a few highlights and unique features they included:

  • Search for my pet
  • List of individual pet facts to show off their cuteness
  • Embedded YouTube video for each pet.
  • A sharing app which makes it easy to spread the cuteness to all your friends and relatives.
  • Custom design that blends in nicely with the overall site.


Other uses of SiteCM’s Directory include the online catalogue of art rental and sales for Gallery 2 in Grand Forks and the searchable recipe pages on

If you have a database of content – pets, art, recipes, business listings, etc. SiteCM’s Directory component is the answer to get it online. 

 For more insight on how SiteCM’s Directory can work for you check out the overview page with links to all the specifics. For more information and a live demo please send us an email or call 888-374-0906.

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