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There is a lot of discussion about “landing pages” in the web design and marketing community.  A landing page is the first page your customer lands on when they come to your site.  Most of the effort is put into landing pages for PPC ads as site owners try to maximize conversions or revenue per visitor (RPV) for every visitor they buy from their PPC channels.

Landing page optimization has become a science and there has been extensive testing on how to squeeze the last cent of value from paid visitors.  All site owners can learn from these studies and improve their outcomes by treating every page of their site as a landing page.

Your PPC campaigns are likely not driving a majority of your traffic.  I did a quick check of several of our customers and all were getting less than 10% of their traffic from PPC.  It stands to reason that looking at the remaining 90% of visitors and optimizing your top direct and organic search landing pages with the same discipline as a PPC landing page will have a significant impact.

To get you started here are 7 Landing Page Flaws and how to fix them from conversion optimization guru Neil Patel.

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