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[caption id="attachment_97" align="alignright" width="150" caption="AddThis is a social bookmarking tool with analytics"]AddThis is a social bookmarking tool with analytics[/caption]

All the recent buzz seems to be about social networking and we get lots of calls from our merchants asking what they can do to take advantage of twitter, facebook and all of the other outlets.

We have started adding AddThis to our customers product pages.  This is a great little tool that makes it easier for your visitors to quickly click and share the love with their friends and social networks.  A great thing about AddThis is that if you register, you have access to analytics that tell you how many times products have been shared, what products they were, what networks were used most, and from what regions.  This is excellent data!

We recently realised that you can also customize which social sites are included.  I came across this when looking at the button on one of our children's products clients (  The button's short list of sites included Digg & Technorati.  What do those have to do with toys?  Nothing!  I did some hunting and found that you can control what destinations are displayed.  A few quick changes and Kaboodle replaces Digg and a good tool becomes a great tool!
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