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One of our recent updates to CommereCM is our Message Centre.  This is probably one of the most powerful enhancements we have launched in a long time.  Message Centre lets merchants manage messages that are sent to shoppers based on specific user actions.  Message Centre consolidates our order status updates, gift registry messages, gift certificates, order confirmations, and other marketing messages so that they are easier to update, and it adds a bunch of new email marketing automation capabilities.

One new capability of the Message Centre is the ability to send cart recapture or abandoned cart emails.  If a new shopper gets through the first step of the checkout so we capture their email address, or if a previously registered shopper leaves the site without purchasing items they have put in their basket, CommerceCM can send them an email after a specific delay.  Merchants can set the delay and their messages.  A merchant might want to have a single message, or a series of messages over a few days ending with a coupon or other incentive to return to the site and convert.

While this feature is still fairly new and only in use by a few merchants, initial results are quite good.  Using RefID's we are able to track click-throughs and conversions.  Our current statistics show about a 60% open rate, 95% of those click through, and 7% convert for a 4.5% conversion rate for every shopper that receives an email.

This is only one example of what can be done with Message Centre.    What other ideas do you have?
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