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2016 searching... searching...

Here are some top moments of 2016 as defined by what we searched for online. Not just we the searchers in our community but fellow citizens around the world. What was important to me? What was important to you? There were moments of difficulties, of challenges, moments of beauty, inspiration and comic relief. The world mourned, the world laughed, the world was shocked the world was inspired. We wanted to find out more Brexit and the Zika virus. The US presidential election was popular. We searched new memes and events brought us together - the Olympics and Pokémon Go.

I want to know… I want to go… I want to do… I want to buy…

Google’s 2016 year in search provides a snapshot of what we wanted to know more about.

What did you search for in 2016?  

Top Searches



 United States

 1. Pokemon Go
 2. iPhone 7
 3. Donald Trump 
 4. Prince
 5. Powerball

 1. Donald Trump 
 2. Pokemon Go
 3. Toronto Raptors 
 4. Fort McMurray Fire 
 5. Prince

 1. Powerball
 2. Prince
 3. Hurricane Matthew 
 4. Pokemon Go

Take a closer look at 2016's searches around the world by country.  

What are you searching for now...

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