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Branding & Logo Design

The City of Vancouver just unveiled their new logo which as led to a lot of discussion about its (lack of) inspiration and the price tag. While we will leave the design discussion up to others, it is a great time to discuss the cost and what goes into a logo design.

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Is It Time For a Redesign?

If your web site is older than your mobile phone, then it is overdue for a redesign. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often to go between web design updates so here are a few things you might want to consider.

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5 Things to do Before Redesigning Your Website

No matter how great your site design was when you launched it, there comes a time when you will need to consider a redesign. While this might send shivers of terror down your spine, getting a new web site design is a great opportunity to revisit your strategy and look at what your site is doing well, what it is doing poorly, and what you want it to do.

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Web Accessibility (part 1)

Good web accessibility makes sense when you consider that up to 20% of the population has some sort of disability. As more jurisdictions introduce legislation around Accessibility, you need to understand how it affects your site.

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5 Websites for Design Inspiration

Before we start on a web design for a client, the designers spend time doing research and searching for inspiration.  When they are working on tight deadlines on multiple projects a week for everything from retailers to manufacturers to insurance companies I am always impressed by their fresh ideas and creativity.   How do they do it week after week?   (Besides the fact that they are crazy talented!) I noticed through their time logs that they have a daily routine of surfing the web, reading...

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Easy is Harder Than it Looks

"I want my site/store/software to be easy to use" is a requirement we hear all of the time.  The original iPod crushed all of the other MP3 players on the market because it was so easy to use.  History is full of examples of leaps of innovation making things so easy we can't imagine doing it any other way.  Early cars were steered with a tiller like you would a small boat for over a decade.  Doesn't that sound fun?  Hard to imagine though because the steering wheel makes so much sense. The...

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Best Practices for UX and how they apply to your next CMS design

When localizing or translating a web site elements frequently change size. You need to plan ahead with these tips.

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NEW SiteCM addition to the Content Rotator Control

The content rotator control is a fabulously flexible application for our SiteCM and CommerceCM users, which has been made evern more awesome with the addition of thumbnail images for the index control we have grown to know and love. [caption id="attachment_473" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The final result of the Richmond Oval New design for the thumbnail based Content Rotator"] [/caption] I have wanted this new variation of my favourite SiteCM control for months when finally one...

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Design is in the Details

I do not consider myself a designer for I have not the chops. There are some amazing and talented designers out there and sadly I am not one of them, my skills simply lie elsewhere. Working with SiteCM and ideaLEVER is exciting because I am part of such a diverse team and get to work with so many different designers. They all have strengths and weaknesses and all bring their unique skill set to the table. I love it. I learn from it. And one thing I have learned is that good design is in the...

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Using CSS Selectors in SiteCM

CSS is truly a powerful tool to master if you are going to do any advanced web development. When you understand selectors and their relationship to one another you can almost triple the productivity of your code while writing less of it. Recently we gave SiteCM Resellers another tool in their arsenal of designer controls that has to do with the CSS descendant selector. The page class control adds a dynamic selector to your opening div giving you the power of using descendants for virtually every...

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