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Was AirMiles Too Clever?

Personalization is a common enough eCommerce technique but it has come back to haunt AirMiles when collectors discovered that their personalization appears to have been used to deceive collectors. Is it false advertising?

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Celebrating Project X Theatre!

Supporting Project X Theatre and the Arts in Kamloops.

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Site Speed Tip: Compress Your Images

Compressing your images is one of the easiest ways to improve the download speed of your web site.

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Why Blog?

Should my Business Website have a Blog? This is a question we get asked over and over again, and it has a very simple answer. Yes. However when asked why they think they should have a blog as part of their website, many businesses aren’t completely sure of their answer. “Because we heard it’s good for our website,” we commonly hear. Or, “Karen in HR said we need a blog for our social media promotion.” While both of these answer are technically correct, they...

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SiteCM Blog Component

SiteCM now includes an integrated Blog component that is easy to use, secure, and reliable.

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Fight spam with an SPF Record

An SPF record makes it harder for spammers to spoof your email addresses when phishing

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The Great Migration

I've long been of the opinion that CSS Frameworks are the new <table> tag because they take all the  content  and the  presentation  and mix them up, muddying the waters and hurting maintainability. My hope here is to explain why I  was right, and why I  am wrong. Some History Back in the old days of the web (the mid-90s) before CSS was a thing, web developers had to write all of their styles inline, the color of text, the size of the fonts,...

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Mayor’s Gala for the Arts

I would like to thank the academy… Seriously, I would like to thank those that nominated us for the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts Awards. This event recognizes and celebrates artists, musicians, performers and businesses that support the arts in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. We are very excited to be nominated along with Accents Inns and GK Sound as a business that supports the arts. Having attended and performed in previous years (with the Beyond Brass Big Band) I look...

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2010 called and they want your domain!

Do you still own a domain or one of the other provincial ones like, Did you know that there is a .ca reserved for you? You can drop the provincial designation. These geographic or third level domain extensions were discontinued on October 12, 2010 but any existing ones were grandfathered and continue to be supported. But why not simplify your domain? Your visitors will thank you. If you are still using a third level domain extension the process to get your top level...

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5 Holiday Shipping Tips

My wife has pointed out more than once that despite my protestations on Christmas morning, it is not the merchants fault if a gift arrives late, it is my fault for waiting too long to order. If your last shipping day for Christmas is a day earlier than your competitor then he will get the order.  Sure it might not get to the customer on time, but the fact remains that the lost sales add up.  Merchants have to rely on shipping departments and shipping companies who are struggling with volume and...

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