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CommerceCM is a multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-warehouse SaaS eCommerece platform that can be integrated with almost any ERP, POS, or accounting package. It is the perfect choice for growing brands and mid-market retailers.

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CommerceCM Update: Site Ads are Back!

The new release of CommerceCM sees a significant upgrade to our popular Ad Manager.

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December Retail Sales Down, eCommerce Up

2016 ended with a slump in retail sales in Canada but online sales continue to grow in real dollars as well as percentage of overall retail sales

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The Power of LinkedIn

When was the last time you posted anything to LinkedIn? My recent simple profile update set off an unexpected ripple effect and convinced me that for B2B networking, I need to pay more attention to LinkedIn.

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5 Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Integration

If you want to scale your eCommerce beyond a few dozen orders a day, you will need an integrated solution that reduces your site management and order fulfillment times. Greater efficiency means greater profits. It is all within your reach with these 5 simple rules.

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Site Speed Tip: Compress Your Images

Compressing your images is one of the easiest ways to improve the download speed of your web site.

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The Great Migration

I've long been of the opinion that CSS Frameworks are the new <table> tag because they take all the  content  and the  presentation  and mix them up, muddying the waters and hurting maintainability. My hope here is to explain why I  was right, and why I  am wrong. Some History Back in the old days of the web (the mid-90s) before CSS was a thing, web developers had to write all of their styles inline, the color of text, the size of the fonts,...

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e-Commerce Growth: Thinking Beyond Borders

I am proud to be Canadian but when it comes to being a Canadian entrepreneur, I realised a long time ago that the key to real growth was looking beyond our borders.  We launched our first multi-currency eCommerce site in 1999 and our first multi-lingual ecommerce site in 2005 and international eCommerce has been a major focus of our business for more than a decade. Depending on whose statistics you use, the Canadian B2C eCommerce market is about $28 Billion dollars.  That is nothing...

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Need to Accept Visa Debit Cards Online?

A long time client of ours noticed an increase in incomplete transactions in her Moneris gateway recently.  When she followed up with them she discovered that the issue was related to Visa Debit cards. In a card not-present environment (i.e. e-commerce), a Visa Debit card acts as a VISA card however the Visa Debit card plan must be accepted as a payment type in conjunction with the Visa Credit card plan. If the card plan is not added, the transaction will be declined, citing an error of “CARD...

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Who looks after the security of your website?

If you are one of our customers, the answer is simple.  We do. A study released by Verizon this week looks at techniques used by hackers to gain access to users computers.  Phishing is a popular technique but once phished, the hackers rely on lazy end users to leave holes in their systems that the hackers can exploit. "Another troubling area singled out in this year’s report is that many existing vulnerabilities remain open, primarily because security patches that have...

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Passwords 101

Initial investigation into the recent hack of celebrity accounts seem to indicate that the perpetrators used a brute force attack with perhaps a bit of social engineering thrown in..  This should be a wake up call for anyone with a digital life and particularly anyone with an eCommerce site. A brute force attack relies on computer repeatedly attempting to login to accounts.  As computers get more powerful they can cycle through tens of thousands of attempts an hour.  Since a shocking number of...

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