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All Pages are Landing Pages

There is a lot of discussion about “landing pages” in the web design and marketing community.  A landing page is the first page your customer lands on when they come to your site.  Most of the effort is put into landing pages for PPC ads as site owners try to maximize conversions or revenue per visitor (RPV) for every visitor they buy from their PPC channels. Landing page optimization has become a science and there has been extensive testing on how to squeeze the last...

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Free Resource on Typography: an overview for the beginner and the expert

This is a must read for content owners, beginner and seasoned designers alike. Talk to any web surfer, or look at any website on the web, and you can easily agree that the presentation of text can easily make a beautiful design, or break the aesthetic. Nothing is worse for designers than seeing your beautifully typeset page turn into a minefield of *gasp* highlighter coloured text, random font size, and no visual hierarchy.  No matter how great your colour scheme, functionality,...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday Vertical Alignment

If you have been coding HTML and CSS for any length of time you have most likely encountered a design that wanted to to align something vertically within it's container. Unless you want to add a ton of tables to your site this isn't always an easy task to accomplish. I know that I have struggled with it on more than one occasion. Did you know that you can set divs to display: table and table-cell? I sure didn't but you can and it works really well but there doesn't seem to be a blanket solution...

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Internet Explorer and the Overflow Property

Recently I was working on a website that had a conditional statement which hid the full height of a div on the inside pages. Something like this: .menu-top-container{float: left; width: 980px;}     .page .menu-top-container{height: 320px; overflow: hidden;} A seemingly benign statement that you wouldn't anticipate to give you  much trouble height, width and overflow all declared; However this is the internet and we do get to deal with Internet Explorer. It would seem that there is a well...

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Mysterious Gradient in IE8

Internet Explorer is full of odd behaviors but this one has got to take the cake. Recently a bug was reported in one of my websites for an IE8 user. Instead of seeing an opaque grey background on my navigation they were seeing a gradient that faded from the top to bottom corner into transparency. Making the text really really hard to read. Fortunately I harnessed the power of the internet and the Google search engine to find this post:...

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Staying Accessible

The web is an amazing place where it sometimes seems like anything is possible. When building a website it's important to remember that not everyone will be able to appreciate all your bells and whistles. Only those with the latest greatest browsers will see your CSS3 and HTLM5 styles; only those with a good connection will be able to appreciate your full page backgrounds and fancy image galleries.  The list goes on. What's a designer to do? Fail gracefully. Build accessibly. SiteCM is full of...

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Facebook launches new Timeline layout for Pages

Facebook is at it again this time rolling out a change for the consumer pages. All in all this is a good thing for those of us using a Facebook page to promote our business. Facebook has given users the ability to preview their pages until March 30th when they will all be converted to the new layout. This gives you a chance to play around with your page and get it looking top notch before it is unveiled to the world wide web. Most noteably different is the addition of a large banner to the top...

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Get Twitter-pated

Social sharing has soared over the  past couple years and if you haven't already joining Twitter can add a valuable boost to your customer base. A few Twitter tips to get you started   Join – pick your social name wisely and don’t forget to upload your brand image Start building your network – Listen before you join in a conversation. Check the “Who to Follow” link or use the search box to find people. Start Tweeting – Type your message and send it to your followers. Make sure...

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Tables, email clients and images....oh boy.

Any designer who has ever sent their beautifully marked up newsletter to a variety of email clients knows the pain that is email marketing.  Things just don't display quite the same in Gmail and Outlook as they do in a browser window. The industry rule of thumb is to go back to the 90s in terms of your code which means markup should be in tables and inline css. But that doesn't mean that your newsletter has to look like it came out of the 90s. With a few key tips and tricks you can code...

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NEW SiteCM Navigation Control: Mega Dropdowns

Late last year our development team worked on a project that had Rob all a twitter. We've been seeing more and more websites with content in their flyout menus. Images, calls to action and the like are placed to one side or the other of a flyout when the visitor hovers over a top level menu item. To do this as a developer or web designer who has full control over layout and code is one thing but to do it in a content managed environment is another. Well we've pulled it off with the use of one of...

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